June 30, 2020

Remote Support

Klimka Computer Solutions Remote Support.



When prompted please click YES or RUN as this is the package that we use to remotely support our customers. The remote support install will not stay on your computer and once we close the session our staff will not have future access to your computer/files.


  • Right now we only offer remote support in select cases. If you have not been directed to run this software by a technician, please do not download the software as there may not be a technician available.

  • By clicking the download button above, you, the customer are in agreement that Klimka Computer Solutions. reserves the right to charge for remote support sessions or cancel the remote support session at any point with a partial charge to your account.

  • Klimka Computer Solutions. is not responsible for any loss of data that may have been incurred as a result of (but not limited to) our technician having to reboot your computer, remove or alter files in order to diagnose or correct the issue with your computer.

  • Please close any personal documents before clicking the connect button, as once the remote support package has been installed, our technician will have a full view of your screen. We will not look into any of your personal documents, such as emails or letters unless we have a strong reason to believe that it may be a part of the issue you are having with your computer. You may cancel the remote support session or contact our technician at any time if you feel that your privacy has been compromised.

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